Thanks for visiting this site. If you have ever bought a CD from me or my friends at Cubbyhole records then thanks again. My music is Americana style. I am a member of the Americana Music Association. So are boat load of other musicians like Mary Gautier and just about every folky/country/rocker in the country. That puts me in pretty good company. I am also a member of BMI. That puts me in the same

company with people like Carlos Santana, Paul Simon and JJ Cale. That's pretty cool but I don't have any of their phone numbers and none of them have ever been to my house while I was home. If I had my druthers I would spend my days playing music with Missippi John Hurt. Given his current condition that is impossible, but he is a calming inspiration. I'm not sure that I play like him. I have been compared to a place somewhere between John Prine and Mariah Carey. I prefer not to be compared to anyone. Check out my music at my label's site, Cubbyhole Records.

My influences have been John Hurt, Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, Roy Bookbinder, Kitaro, Dylan, Louis Prima and Marilyn McCoo as well as the aforementioned.

Roy Bookbinder is one of the few working Blues musicians that is actually keeping the traditional sound alive. There are plenty of Blues musicians who play the blues, and play very well, but Roy, that's what I call him, he knew and played with the earlier players like Pink Anderson and Reverend Gary Davis to today. He also met Mississippi John which is way cool. If you ever get a chance to see Roy, that's what I call him, tell him Moses' sent you. Check out his site at:

Check out my Journal. I'll be updating it from time to time.


Moses Cotton